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Ms Grumpy 08-15-2014 07:56 AM

Flash this is for you..
John and Joan I know that you do not go onto Facebook but I needed to share this with you. This is how much people appreciate and love you two. This is all copied and pasted from Facebook.


Shawn Muckleroy
August 13 at 11:40pm

John and Joan Padgett are long distance members of the NOCC but when they come to town for our show they bust their butts selling 50/50 raffles for us. The NOCC truly appreciate your help!

Thomas Rightler 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet!
August 13 at 11:41pm Like 12

Jon Eide Well said TR
August 13 at 11:44pm Like 2

Sandra Dixon Johnson Love them
August 13 at 11:47pm Like

Donna Petrillo Great people.
Yesterday at 7:44am Like

Jeffrena Thompson But won't get on Facebook.
23 hrs Like 1

Nancy Granstrom Goldstein Not won't get on Facebook, can't get on Facebook. John has the worst internet at his house. But I always tell him about the posts on
23 hrs Like 2

Dale Hartley John was the first to come over and introduce himself and welcome us to the group , made us feel at home amongst a bunch of strangers. Thanks John
22 hrs Unlike 1

Nancy Granstrom Goldstein That is just who those two are
22 hrs Like

Nancy Granstrom Goldstein It was sad to hear that they had problems on the way home from the show. One of the first fill ups he got bad gas and had the car sputtering and back firing all the way home. He said that he stopped everytime the car reached 1/2 tank, filled it with premium gas and some additive to the gas. It took a while but by the time they got to the Georgia border the car was running OK. It was a tough ride home for them but even with all the stops they made it home in under 11 hours.
22 hrs Like 2

Joe Desmont They are awesome folks!!
22 hrs Unlike 2

Liam Kenny fantastic people indeed.
21 hrs Like

Dave Hambleton Ditto
20 hrs Like

Jeffrena Thompson Ohio has the worst gas ,octane rating is not guaranteed in Ohio
20 hrs Like

Nancy Granstrom Goldstein That's why my car got crappy gas mileage on the way home.
14 hrs Like 1

Richard C. Meldrum Not to mention flashy attire.
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Kimberly Fischer Woo hoo!

flash 08-15-2014 09:45 AM

Thanks everyone ,we love the Ohio show and all the folks that are able to come ,that is our FAMILY REUNION .We took my truck to a local show after it was first finished and were bored to death just sitting with the truck ,we really do enjoy working the show .

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