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flash 07-22-2015 09:49 PM

Northern Ohio Chevelle Show/ Next Week
How many from here are going to be there ? We will be there again this year and looking forward to seeing everyone .:banana::p:drunk::butt1:

BillsCamino 07-23-2015 09:08 AM

Driving the convert? Assume you've got all it's issues worked out.
And no...I'm not going...I'll be in Louisiana

flash 07-23-2015 09:43 AM

I did not get the gas tank swapped out like I had planned but everything else is good to go ,but yes we are taking the vert .They have been working me like a rented mule lately at work so I did not have the energy to do the tank but I believe it will be OK.

BillsCamino 07-23-2015 10:04 AM

Y'all have a safe trip!!

flash 07-28-2015 10:56 PM

Bill have fun with the family out in La ,we are somewhere in Kentucky ,got into some heavy rain and could not see so we got off I75 and found a nice room for the night.We are taking the scenic route and going to stay one night in Charm ,Ohio.

chevymaher 07-29-2015 07:07 AM

Passing within a few miles of my house on your way. May pass right by you in the merc and not even know it.

flash 07-29-2015 08:50 AM

I will be on the lookout for a Merc.

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