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Originally Posted by FlintTony View Post
Oh no, Mister Beckman. Certainly not directed at such a fine, upstanding, hard working man as yourself. I have been contacted by your attorney. After a lengthy conversation with him, I will be converting the Nomad to power steering immediately. Do you also wish for a steering wheel change? Do you want me to I fill the rear compartment of the Nomad with some of my best tools also? What kind of beer would you like with the case of steaks that I will be including when I deliver the car?
Its about time that you came to your senses, the current steering wheel is fine as I'm not the kind of person that what's something that is not deserved. I'm kind of into the craft beers lately so no PBR and steaks should be Black Angus certified from a reputable butcher, not the guy that drives around the hood in his rusted out S-10.
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