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Default Electric Smoker all seasoned and ready

Today I pulled out my electric smoker and decided to get it ready to use tomorrow. We have been having some unseasonably warm weather (45+) and I decided that if I don't use it now it may be a while before the temp is above 30. So being that it is new I had to run it for a while and season it with some wood chips. I had some whiskey barrel chips that I used and I am ready.

I know that some of you guys have used smokers, I myself have been using a charcoal smoker (actually am on my second one) and love it. The only thing is that when the weather gets a little cooler it is very hard to hold temp and so I got an electric one where the door seals closed. I ran it for over 3 hours today with the temp outside in the low 40's and I set it at 225 and it only varied 1 or 2 degrees. I know when I put the meat in, that there is going to be more of a pull on the smoker and I will have to keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

So I was wondering if anyone has used an electric smoker ? I made sure that I bought a good extension cord, one to handle the strain, but I was wondering if anyone has pointers on using the electric smoker.
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