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Originally Posted by RBeckman View Post
I did some checking and Big block and 327 have different part numbers for motor mounts.
They do and there are different style of mounts. There are several actually. Some have the little hook inside the rubber so the motor doesn't flop free when it breaks. Some don't.

But the block mounting holes are in the same places for both. As is the hole for the pin where it goes through the frame. Those dimensions are universal.

Trivia all motors bolt right in if you have the motor mount to the motor. 4 cylinder iron duke. 4.3 6;s like my van has. small block and big block. Bell Housing bolts all mate up. Chevy was pretty good about that stuff back then.

I always liked the old impala deal. The little cables that wrapped on the bracket on the exhaust manifold to tie the motor down when the motor mount broke.

When I was young i was mixing and matching parts building cars alot. I had many a imapla motor in chevelles and camaros back then. V8's going in monzas. Nothing was sacred.
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