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I used to go to Detroit Dragway alot but only as a spectator. Started going to Milan Dragway in 78 with my 74 Monte Carlo. In 79 I ended up being Bracket 2 Champion.

In 1980 I started driving for Joe "Squeeky" Kulik in his Pinto Sedan Delivery called Squeeky Pt II and had a ball drivin that 4 cyl comin off the line at 11,500 RPM.......thats right 11.5. First time I raced for Joe I came off the line at 7,800 and all Joe could do was shake his head. He said next time when the lights are comin down....BOARD IT.......and come off at 11,, what a blast. It had 9" rearend with 620 gears in it.
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