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One of the things that there are quite a few of in Texas are local dragstrips. One weekend my son Matthew and I decided to go out and see what our cars would do. But before we did that we wanted to go out and check out the track. This is the information that we had about the track.

San Antonio Raceway
San Antonio Raceway is a IHRA 1/4 mile dragstrip.
Dragstrip Features:
2 story tower with 3 suites and media room
13,000 seating capacity on aluminum bleachers
15 acres paved pit area
10 staging lanes
altitude 600'
60' wide
600' concrete pad
1/2 mile of shutdown
Poured-in-place concrete wall on both sides from burnout to last turn off road
On track VP Racing Fuel fuel station with all flavors of fuel as well as nitrous oxide and co2 filing equipment
Fully equipped EMT vehicle and fire truck on site
Bob's Burgers' Concession stand and souvenir trailer offering SAR and NHRA merchandise for added enjoyment to your racing experience.

After visiting the track, which reminded me of Detroit dragway, I wanted to see what my car would do without any modifications of the FAST from the street settings. The only thing we did was put on slicks.

First run my car spanked my sons Camaro, especially off the line. I may have only run in the low 13's but I was happy. Next run, after explaining a few things to my son, he got me at top end. But I was still happy to run in the high 12's. We didn't do much more. It was busy at the track and those couple of runs answered our questions about what it would do. We will be back, when I can find the time.
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