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THANKS Derek - the parts package in transit should arrive in a day or two!!

Lucky indeed - car has not been on the road since the mid 1980's - in storage for years - never wrecked - original front fenders, doors and quarters. Fenders and quarters were replaced with NOS GM parts due to the normal rust on front fenders and accelerated rust due to cut-outs in the quarters for slicks. I put a ding in the edge of the driver fender (Nov 1969) right where it curls around to the grille - didn't scrape the paint, just a small oval shaped nickel sized flat spot 1/4" deep - ding was still there with body putty and white paint over it.

Some original parts were missing - the restoration includes PN correct/CAST Date correct replacement parts across the board.

Tweaked the exhaust extensions and did a test run on the tach - tight fit between the turn signal and flasher button - just enough space for the clamp exactly as Harrell's shop did it back in 69 . . .

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