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Notice in last picture that part of the breezeway roof is unfinished. It was leaking at the outside corner from above. I ripped all the aluminum and wood trim off. The beams at the outside corner and at the house were all rotted along with the last truss. The aluminum trim was holding the water in so it wasn't real obvious. So new beams on all 3 sides. I re-sloped the roof on the other side to create a valley, you can't see it in any of the pictures. It use to run down and dead end into the gable end of the small roof/overhang running along above garage doors. Also had a hole through it for the downspout from above. Guaranteed leak point, all gone now.

We tried to figure out how to hang corner of roof from I beam that supports upstairs deck. Weld a bracket to the I beam? Finally came up with this.

Three 3' x 3/8" steel straps. They're lagged into the deck joist above which is a double joist. The other corner is hanging from the house so we eliminated the 2 posts that help up that roof. We started with 4 posts under upstairs deck and 2 under breezeway roof. Now we're down to 2 posts, sure opened things up.

Notice trailer in right side of picture. Friend lent me his aluminum break so I could replace all the trim I tore down. Have one more piece to bend and have to reconfigure down spouts. Not going to finish underneath this year. Want to make sure there are no leaks before I close it all up

Also can't see in any of the pictures is roof over upstairs deck. Leaking as well so I peeled off all the old rolled roofing. It wasn't leaking inside but down into aluminum trim on outside. Repaired over half of the trusses and face board along with 2' feet of roof board all the way across. Three feet of rubber weather shield, drip edge and then a new metal roof and flashing at the house. So I thing that issue is resolved.

That's what I've been up to. Along with dragging hoses around all summer. Trying to keep all the new bushes watered as well as new grass. We had 4 large spruce trees taken down out front. You can actually see our house from the street now.

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