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John, we had 3 very large spruce trees at the end of the driveway at the street. Our boat sat behind them for years, went to our sons house last year. After trees were gone neighbor asked "Where's your boat?" Had to tell him it's been gone for over a year. Also another where the driveway turns into the garage. Also had a sickly white pine and another tree removed in the front. Sure changed the look of things.

Tony, I've helped Henry a few times but not that much this year, well not as much as last year. Spent last weekend on his roof trying to fix a leak. It rained yesterday and he said it still leaks. We're out of ideas as to where the water is coming in.

Did you notice in the pictures all the leaves on the ground, also all the leaves in trees. We cleaned up all those leaves 2 days ago. Rain and wind yesterday and it looks like we didn't do anything.

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