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Back when I went into the hospital with "TIA" (stroke like symptoms without really having a stroke) with the numbness and tingling on the left side. All the tests they did came back great....but I still had a little numbness and tingling. I ended up going to a Chiropractor (hospital doctors and my regular doctor frowned at the idea) and he did some xrays of my neck area. I see an injury here that looks to be about 50 years old. Well 49 years ago I was in a car wreck where I hit the windshield frame with my forhead, upper steering wheel just below my nose, lower steering wheel with my chest and knees into the dash. How the hell did he know that (50 years old) just by looking at that xray? Anyways he said I had 2 vertebrae that were starting to grow together and pinching a nerve. He put me on a stretching table (the and since then all symptoms have gone away

Ray, look into seeing a Chiropractor to see if he can help ya.
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