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National Trails Raceway, Columbus, Ohio. It is actually in Hebron, Ohio. I used to live in Granville, OH, which is also outside of Columbus, actually right near Hebron. My father (RIP) and I were outside monkeying around, cutting firewood or something like that, and we kept hearing this noise off in the distance from the south. Ten or eight seconds long, spaced evenly apart.
My dad realized what it was and we took off to go see. It was just a saturday night run at the drags, novas, camaros, chevelles, fords, etc. We watched and listened, and smelled race fuel, it was sooo cool. It was a perfect summer night, and my father told me a few stories about when he was younger and used to race a '63 impala. I wound up getting my first job at that track a few months later.
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