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Tonight I'm not taking anything and we'll see how it goes. I'm ready to stop them all. The BP meds are for congestive heart failure.......I don't have they're out. 2 of the heart meds they already told me to stop taking em. The blood thinner I think is the one that's zappin all my strength and makin my mind go haywire. Its for blood clots...the MRI showed NO CLOTS anywhere.......stopping that tonight.

I have a feeling that this whole AFib thing was brought on by me being stupid. I got a nebulizer machine on Wed, Apr 12th....on Thur, Apr 13th I think I over used the doses I was supposed to do.....Fri Apr 14th (Good Friday) I woke up hard to breathe so I did another dose on the nebulizer........went down stairs and took my BP.....numbers were off the wall and it showed irregular heart rhythm.........must be a mistake......took it again.....same thing, so I told Judy somethings wrong...........she took me to ER and the rest is history. I read up on the nebulizer.......and it said over use can cause irregular maybe that was it in a nutshell.
Today, is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday..enjoy it !!!

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