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Here ya go flash. Mom and dad got it new. I got it when the repair bill was to much and they got a new car. It has been officially totalled 4 times in its life. Once when it was 6 months old and 3X since i had it. Got all police reports it was never my fault.

Had 2 new engines and rear ends. I welded the front of a astro van on it. Doors forward. Had both sides taken out. Did I mention it has a ridiculously high mileage. 295/50/15 tires. Aftermarket Eaton Detroit true track locker. She likes sideways alot now.

I got the 65 thousand volt HEI for it still and a elderbrock 4 bbl intake. When the trans goes it is getting the 700R I got and the 4 bbl and hei. A set of headers and a different muffler. The glasspack would be deafening with the headers. Nice turbo muffler should do it.

First video is the ported and cammed engine. Next is the same motor with a milder cam. Runs the same. More low end less top end but a wash as for as a quarter mile time. Just more driver friendly now.

It runs the same as a LS motored truck. It wins more than it looses. Last night a sweet restored gold 70 Mach 1. Sitting at the light revving the motor acting all silly like we like to do. It was on at green. He laid rubber in second then the van shifted it was all over but the crying for him. He couldn't get ol vanny vanny.

It is my family car and grocery getter. But it runs good and i love driving it.

worst total it had.

As it is today

I dont have any good pics of the interior but it is all black now. I did that years and years ago. First is when the dash was first done. Second is when the door got put on after the 4rth total that whiped out the drivers side.

Second motor I built to put in it when the stock one broke a oil cooler line.

Taps for that motor when it cracked a head ans sent shrapnel through the motor. I did this one for my van site. I miss that motor it genuinely makes me sad seeing this video.

And the way it idles today. Again the van Chronicles were all recorded for the van site I moderate. If you look to the left inside the garage. There is where the chevelle lives.

And what water-cooler talk would be complete with out the sonogram bebore I was born.

I drove chevelles till they got ridiculously expensive and people were stealing them like it was the thing to do. 36 of them in my life. The van is the chevelle replacement daily driver.

And since we rablin on. I got the boat interior finished now. Working on the motor. 3 liter I ported the head and making a parts list for the rebuild at the moment. I found a nice cam for it. 510 lift 216@50 dur 109 centerline.

Wife finished college now. She got to take the licencing test. She already got a job at the hospital. Once all this comes to pass. I can finish the POS chevelle to LOL. I am restoring the entire boat for half the cost of the interior in the chevelle. Wow they are expensive toys. But it will get done.

But now you know what i been up to I am not sitting on my duff.

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