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I have been making my final list on the barge of things to buy. I ported the wienie 3 liters head. I am getting rings and bearings for it fuel pump and a few other things. A better ignition for it.

I will have this thing completed in short order once the warm weather sets in. You cant glass the hull untill it is 70 degrees or better. I got the stringers in and all is left is do the deck and floatation foam.

Then put this old thing back together. Go boating as they say on the boat forum.

I was on a standstill on the chev because wifey was in college. This boat plopped into my lap free and i needed something to occupy myself. Damn chev is so expensive the silly boat is completely restored for half the cost of the interior in the chevelle alone.

Once this is done and she goes to work the chev is next on the to do list.
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