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Honestly I have most of what I need. It was a 307 2 speed powerglide car. I bought a big block with the accessory drive. But it was a puke 150 hp engine. I threw the internals and heads away. I got all the accessory drives for a big and small block. I have flywheel cutch z bar etc. I am missing a drive shaft radiator and most importantly a motor. I have a 4 bolt main 454 block it is a gen V I beleive a 71 model year from a U Haul truck.

My biggest issue is my wifes college is killing me at the moment. I got one more year left of that and she starts working again. Then she is actually making money and my money isnt going into tuition and books. It is almost over. I just got to sweat it out.

Having a kid, wife went into college, kinda thew things on the back burner for the moment. Just life in general. I am not a kid anymore family is more important.

I am in the home stretch basically and I see the light. But that just makes the anticipation more unbearable.

Just bear with me and let me whine. I will get her done.
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