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Default Here's mine!

After a couple "throw-away-junkers," my first "real" car back in the 60's was a 1965 SS 327 Chevelle Convertible.

It was burgundy with saddle interior and tan top. 4speed, bucket seats. I worked in the local Chevy dealer and parts were affordable - I ended up with a couple four-barrels - made mapping out a route from gas station to gas station a reality. I had to sell it for college money - of all the decisions I've made in the last six decades, that is my greatest regret.

My goal is to more or less reproduce that car. Here it is so far, except that I'm still waiting for the shipper to bring'er home - maybe this will be the week.

I don't know much about her yet, but engine and transmission are here, the lift and rotisserie waiting, chomping at the bit, ready to get started.
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