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Originally Posted by piette View Post
That fight has already started. Back in November already the city called a suprise meeting to discuss the noise issue. Too bad for them word got and from what I hear a good number of racers showed up. The issue with union grove is not limited just to Great Lakes Dragway though, its several noise makers in Union Grove, businesses and such. A study had been performed and as I recall Great Lakes Dragway wasnt all that particularly loud at peak.

I think it had to do with some developers coming in and causing a ruckus about noise.

I see the same thing happening to our track up here, Wisconsin International Raceway. These idiots build right across the street from a track that has been there since 1968 and then complain about noise. So far the city has agreed it is there own problem for building there, but enough people will sway decisions. What a bunch of crap.

I have been to many,many dragstrips over the years,as driving a truck cross country for 35 years,I get laid over on the weekends,if I'm close,I usually go to the local dragstrip.The most entertaining one I've ever been to was Union Grove back about 25 years ago.Have never seen so much beer consumed in one place,I fit right in,lol.The owner,I believe was Broadway Bob,he was riding around on the nose of a jet car called the Green Mamba.There was also a combine demolition derby going on,plus one of those giant mechanical flame throwing robots eating junk cars.And crazy drag racing.They don't have venues like that anymore,I hope they save the place.
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