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First off they're not cheap but I was having problems getting the speedometer cable to come up to the back of the speedometer properly and it seemed to make the needle bounce. The first brand new cable ended up breaking in the first 25 miles. The second cable went about 1200 miles but ended up causing the stem to break off the back of the gauge which ruined the gauge in the process. I decided to go with the GPS speedometer to eliminate the cable all together. I bought it from Summit and they have a sale on it right now. The Summit Part # ATM 3982 it is an Autometer Gauge. It was fairly easy to wire in the only thing is it didn't come with a connector housing that I bought from American Autowire. Summit carries the connector also Part # 500585. It has a GPS signal box which is small enough and has a strong magnet in it that I ran up near the end of dash and have sitting at the base of my inner front window pillar. There are about 7 reviews of the gauge on Summits website. Here is a link to the installation instructions.
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