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Originally Posted by stalkingbear View Post
I thought circuit city was no more?

I use Amazon all the time... I will use your link from now on. Bummer - I just bought a DVD & 2 books this week (Monday).
n May 19, 2009, it was announced that the Circuit City brand name, logo, and website had been purchased by Systemax Inc. for US$14 million, which had also previously acquired the CompUSA brand after the store chain's liquidation.[60][61] Systemax relaunched the website on May 22, 2009, as an online retailer of consumer electronics.[62] The revived site's front page looks similar to the original front page, while other pages have a similar appearance and flow of Systemax's and's pages.[63] It sells the same products as the original website did before closing, with the exception of its car audio department. Systemax said there is a possibility that it could open up retail 2.0 stores (Circuit City stores) due to positive success of CompUSA stores. On November 26, 2009, Systemax opened their first retail 2.0 store in Delaware in the former Dover Circuit City (the store is branded CompUSA as to not confuse shoppers of the recently closed Circuit City).

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