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Default Pinchweld molding clips on '72 convertible

Got the car back with the new top on, looks great. Tried to put the pinchweld molding on using the clips. Now I think I should have put them on before the top went on.

Couple questions:
1. Do I need the clips? I've seen some conflicting information on this.

2. Can I install them with the top on? Pretty hard to get into that area with the top on.

3. If you've put them on did you install the clips on the car first or on the molding? Searching online I've seen it done both ways and neither sounds like it's easy.

4. Should I just take it back and have the guy who installed the top do it? He offered but I didn't have them with me. He has a lot of experience with cars from this era and has done a great job on the interior and the top.
1972 Chevelle Malibu Convertible Project
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