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Old 10-19-2018, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by mestorod70 View Post
Yes snow birds would be correct in most cases but around here we tend
to get shit birds.
Very rude people that shove you at the store...cant drive worth a crap
and take two parking spaces when ever posible.
Then there is the Thats not how we do it up north crowd...assholes.
You all aint up north now bud...this is florida...shut up or go home.
Anyway it is what it is until we put in a border check
Oh and dont even get me started on the damn canucks EH.

Oh OK. But you term "shit birds" is much kinder than what I call those same assholes. They are just as stupid and ignorant when they are here in Michigan, maybe even more so. Up where I have a place in Florida, most of the roads are two lane. If the speed limit is 55, there will always be some son of a bitch going 35. Nine times out of ten, his plate is from New York or Michigan.
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Beautiful day today, high of 79 and a light breeze. Wish I hadn't been so sore and tired, I would have spent more time outside today.
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