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One thing I have learned with cars is nothing is written in stone. They did all kinds of things on the same model even. Just depends on what they had at that particular moment in time as they were putting them together.

Which is one of the reasons the purist make me laugh. They were not alive to see them new. But point out how yours is wrong. Uh jeerkweed I know the original owner and this is how it was delivered. But I digress.

When your as old as dirt and these things were new and the family cars of everyone you knew you saw some oddball stuff.

I have seen them both ways back when these things were a dime a dozen. My dads and the 2 I had were not like that. Being 68-69 chevelles. The shoulder would connect to either of the seat parts. But I have driven a few that were like you are describing. Go to belt up and it only worked in one of them.

Made you sit there and think "Am I stupid I cant get the seat belt to work?"
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