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Old 12-04-2018, 08:35 PM
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Default need help in decipering these engine id numbers

Hello. I have a 69 Malibu 350. engine is in shop for overhaul. anyway, while mechanic had all of it torn down, I pulled numbers off all these parts. what do they all mean? car is a matching numbers 350.

block 3932388
T 13
conv 1
ID 19B375144 To4IIHF. I know my VIN is 375143, so it matches except last digit, block is a 4, my vin is a 3

the above are all off the block. what do all those numbers mean?

the Heads. one side is 393441 , then A149 then GM 9
the other side is 3932441 then A 169, then GM 9 , so the A number is different from the other side

would this be a 2 or 4 bolt main?

and why would last digit on block be off from the VIN?

all your help would be appreciated!. the engine is bored 30 over, and I am just having basic stock cam, crank, pistons put on to keep costs down.

I have the original carb and intake and exhaust manifolds that came with car also , but I run long tubes with alum intake and Edelbrock 600 carb.

thanks again!
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