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Old 11-28-2017, 06:58 PM
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I go to car shows, and see all kinds of different cars, and what people have done with them. I may not "like" what they did, but I still appreciate their effort and the fact it makes them happy. some folks put a lot and a lot of money into these cars . who am I to judge? to me, I appreciate the stock, OEM look, and my cars are that way, except for some mechanical enhancements like headers, etc, but those are not noticeable. I keep the stock wheels, don't put roll bars in, or aftermarket seats or other stuff. but that is just me. the 69 Chevelle I bought (that I am still waiting to get from shipper), its been 3 weeks now, I will keep original. outside of 15 inch rally wheels, it will be mostly stock except it has headers. but it has aftermarket mirrors I will have to replace on outside. but, to each his own. we cant all be the same. that would be boring. I see some restro mod cars, again, not my thing, but I appreciate what guys have done ether way. that's what makes the world go around.
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Old 12-01-2017, 09:25 AM
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Have you checked the partial VIN on the transmission? What about the rear axle suffix and build date? Those could be clues. I'd build it, beautiful car.
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