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Old 03-25-2014, 05:43 PM
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Default Using original AC parts okay?

My '68 Malibu 327 had factory air and I have all the components. The compressor bracketry won't fit on the aftermarket intake and headers, so I'm thinking of an aftermarket replacement (Vintage Air or ?). I'm getting two kinds of opinions: one is that everything will work fine with the new refrigerant, and the other is that the old condenser, evaporator, etc. aren't efficient enough and everything should be replaced.
What d'ya think?
Thanks for your input and advice - always appreciated.
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Old 03-25-2014, 06:11 PM
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I don't really think you can use the new refrigerant with any of your old stuff. Just my opinion.
Today, is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday..enjoy it !!!
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Old 03-25-2014, 06:53 PM
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They sell retrofit kits. It has seals which are compatible with the newer refrigerant oils. And screw on adapters for the charging ports. Replace the filter/drier and flush the system. Replacing the Thermal expansion valve is a good idea also since your renovating it.

The R-134 isn't as efficient as R-12 it isn't the system. But it works fine.
New condensers and evaporators are the same thing. Replacing the seals is the important thing the new refrigerant oil eats the rubber in the old seals.

R-134 runs a higher pressure so it should be charged with 90% of the OEM recommended amount of R-12.
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Old 09-01-2015, 09:55 PM
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Default A/C conversion

First,,If you have R-12 and it is working........ Keep It.....
To convert to R-134 in a Chevelle. You need to change "" 2 "" items.
1--Have your POA valve adjusted for R-134.
2--If you want to have the SAME TEMP. as a late model auto.
I would change to a paralell flow condenser, WHY? R-134 Builds up more heat than R-12. SO,, The old style round Appx. 3/8" dia. tubes. The difference is,, The old round stock org. Condenser does not have enough Sq. In. of cooling surface to cool down R-134. NOTE: If you can keep you Chevelle moving at 35 MPH. or above, The condenser will recieve enough air over the tubes to keep you at 43 degrees. Under 35 MPH a 60s-70s stock condenser is not efficient.
My 70 Sta. Wgn. SS468 driver blows 43 degrees out the center vent at ALL TIMES when the A/C is operating. ( Parked in the sun on a hot day or driving on the I-State).
A 1970 C-60 A/C calls for a 60 Oz. charge. I use the 80% rule for R-134. I charce my R-12 60 OZ. system with 48 OZs. of R-134.
The ONLY "" 2 "" items you need to change are 1= POA adjusted fo R-134.... # 2 For good cooling I would change from the factory TUBE cond. to a P. Flow condenser.
P.S. If you get an Aftermarket A/C unit you will be using a P. Flow Condenser.
The G.M. unit in your car is BETTER than ANY aftermarket unit that money can buy. BAR NONE !
I would stick with a O.E.M. unit if possible.
Again being KOOL is not cheep !
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